Friday, November 27, 2015

Sale Alert! Black Friday Deals on Amazon Devices

Black Friday Deals Amazon Devices
Update: This sale is over. Prices below are current.
Instead of a book post today, I am bowing to the theme of the day and bringing you some Black Friday deals on Amazon today.

Amazon is having a sale this weekend only on it's most popular devices - the Kindle Fire TV Stick is cheap enough to just try if you are thinking of cutting the cable,  the basic Kindle Fire is cheap enough to be a stocking stuffer and the Kindle Fire HD is very cheap today too,  the best e-Reader around, the famous Kindle Paperwhite, is on sale too.

If you are the cutting-edge type, you might even want to try the Amazon Echo, which is really going to make you feel like you are finally living in a Star Trek future.

What's great about buying devices from Amazon, versus other online or even brick & mortar places, is that they are quite good on customer service and returns. Most kindle fires will even let you video chat with a customer service rep.

And this is also a great time of year  to get a trial Prime membership to take advantage of free two day shipping for all your gift shopping. As a bonus you also get to try other Prime services, like video streaming, being able to borrow Kindle books, and more.

Happy Shopping!

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