Monday, November 30, 2015

Hi-Tech Toys and the Amazon Drone Airforce

I have to admit, this is pretty dang cool. Amazon shows off it's new prototype for its Drone Delivery via Amazon Prime Air.

Find out more about the Amazon Prime Air. They still need FAA permission etc, plus they probably have to figure out how not to get their drones shot down by duck hunters and such. (Which reminds me that on my to-read pile is the new book from Jep & Jessica Robertson of Duck Dynasty.)

In the futuristic, Star Wars theme of the week, this is the top-selling, cute but expensive toy from the new Star Wars Movie, BB8. The Sphero version uses an Android app to control it, while the slightly cheaper Hasbro version uses an included remote.


Speaking of cutting-edge toys straight out of Sci-Fi novels (like Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age), here is a Talking Barbie with the soul of Siri. The reviews are interesting, and mostly positive.

If you are like me and my kids, nothing beats a regular ole teddy bear. This is a great first teddy for the new baby in the family:

Some more traditional toys and games are on sale today in Amazon Daily Deals and, for the grown-ups, here are the rest of Amazon's Cyber Monday Deals.

For everyone thinking "Hey, I thought this was a book review blog!"- I am sorry, but I always go kind of gift-shopping crazy this time of year. Bear with me. Tomorrow I review my first Christmas themed book of the year, Star of Wonder by J. Gunnar Grey.


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