Monday, December 14, 2015

A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Books by Charles Dickens

Everyone knows A Christmas Carol - Scrooge, the three Ghosts of Christmas, and dear Tiny Tim. But did you know that Charles Dickens wrote four more Christmas stories after a Christmas Carol? I actually only learned this yesterday, and promptly found this collection of all Dickens' Christmas stories.

A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Books
by Charles Dickens, Robert Douglas-Fairhurst

Series: Oxford World's Classics
Paperback: 496 pages
Publisher: Oxford University Press; Reprint edition (July 15, 2008)
ISBN-13: 978-0199536306
Kindle: 3288 KB
Publisher: OUP Oxford; 1 edition (September 14, 2006)
Publication Date: September 14, 2006
Available on Amazon

This volume contains all five of Dickens' Christmas Stories:
A Christmas Carol (1843).
The Chimes (1844).
The Cricket on the Hearth (1845).
The Battle of Life (1846).
The Haunted Man and the Ghost (1848).

Based on the reviews on Amazon, I think the print edition may be the better choice. Several readers complain that the Kindle edition for this book uses tiny fonts that are hard to read.

A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Books is available in Paperback and Kindle on Amazon.

Reading or watching Charles Dickens' well-loved classic is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. There have been so many screen adaptations of A Christmas Carol, and it's hard to choose which one to watch first. Some of the best include the 1951 film starring Alastair Sim, the 1984 film starring George C. Scott, and my personal favorite, the 1999 film starring Patrick Stewart.


  1. All these are available at Amazon for free as separate volumes.

  2. Do you have a kindle reader or a regular kindle? I ask because the reader has a feature that enlarges the print and changes the space between lines. I don't read much on the Fire because the light from the screen is hard on my eyes. Goodystore (ebay), which is Unclaimed Baggage and Freight in the world, has deals. I'm old and poor. I need deals.

    1. I have an older kindle fire (not reader), but I think the kindle app on it allows for font change too. I don't know if there are kindle books that don't let it.
      Actually if you have a computer or smart phone you can read kindle books on it too via their app. And calibre is free if you want to convert ebooks into other ebook formats.
      Thanks for the tip about Goodystore - we all could use deals. :)