Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Children's Books: Rush Revere, Aesop, and 12 Days of Christmas Cats

Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner
Best-Selling Children's Book
Some gift ideas for kids on your list, because books make the best gifts.
I was at the bookstore with my daughter, who is too old for the books in this post, and we oohed and ahhed over this latest bestseller in the Rush Revere series. The paper was lovely, with a parchment effect and fancy borders. It would make a handsome gift, specially for independent readers.

Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner
by Rush Limbaugh, Kathryn Adams Limbaugh

Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: Threshold Editions (October 27, 2015)
ISBN-13: 978-1476789880
Kindle: 44963 KB
Publisher: Threshold Editions (October 27, 2015)
Available on Amazon.

The first three books in the Rush Revere series are 1) Rush Revere and the Brave Piligrims, 2) Rush Revere and the First Patriots, and 3) Rush Revere and the American Revolution.

The Classic Treasry of Aesop's Fables by Don Daily
20 Illustrated Fables

For younger readers, I think every child should have a copy of Aesop's Fables, and this collection of 20 fables is beautifully illustrated by Don Daily. Each fable is just the right length for a bedtime story.

The Classic Treasury of Aesop's Fables
by Don Daily

Hardcover: 56 pages
Publisher: Running Press Kids; 9.2.2007 edition (October 2, 2007)
ISBN-13: 978-076242876
Available on Amazon

Also beautifully illustrated by Don Daily is this classic Christmas carol:

12 Days of Christmas by Don Daily

Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Running Press Kids; 
First Edition edition (October 11, 2000)
ISBN-13: 978-0762407644
Kindle: 1779 KB
Publisher: Running Press Kids (October 11, 2000)
Available on Amazon.

Another wonderful take on the classic carol this whimsical treasure. This is a must-have gift for cat-lovers of any age:

The Twelve Days of Christmas Cats
by Don Daily 

Hardcover: 40 pages
Publisher: Applesauce Press; 
Reissue edition (October 21, 2014)
ISBN-13: 978-1604334951
Available on Amazon

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