Thursday, December 17, 2015

Free Short Story from Sarah Hoyt

Sarah Hoyt short story On A Far Distant Shore
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On a Far Distant Shore
by Sarah A Hoyt

As a Holiday gift to her readers, award-winning Science Fiction and Fantasy author Sarah A. Hoyt has made available on her blog a free short story. It is titled On A Far Distant Shore and it is set in the Darkship universe. I read it yesterday and it sure packs a powerful punch. You don't have to have read the Darkship books to appreciate it.

Sarah Hoyt is one of the leading lights of the conservative SFF writer renaissance, and wrote spearheaded  "The Human Wave" revolt against leftist message-fic. She is also an excellent writer. Her books are engrossing and fun. She is currently working on a collaboration with another of my favorite writers, Larry Correia, on a new book in the Monster Hunter series.

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