Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday Funday Lego Arms Edition

BrickGun Book Realistic Full-Scale Lego Model Guns

What's more fun than Legos?

I have not read this - I just stumbled on the cover while browsing pictures and had to look it up on Amazon. The reviews are positive, except for the warning that you will need a LOT of bricks to make any of the 5 guns in the book - including the MAC-11 that actually shoots rubber bands!

With some very detailed instructions, this is for the older teen or adult Lego enthusiast.

The author also runs his own website by the same name, where he sells multi-kits for these builds.

The BrickGun Book by Jeff Boen is available on Amazon.

Mini weapons for Lego
Modern Assault Weapons Pack

Mini-weapons for Lego Minifigures

For the kids who absolutely need mini gun replicas to properly equip their Lego mini-figures, Santa should check out BrickArms on Amazon.

They have a Modern Assault Weapons Pack, a World War II Weapons Pack, and everything in between.

See them all on Amazon.


  1. Fun! Just don't build any of those guns and take them school or use in front of your Lefty neighbor.

  2. Lol votermom. Way way long time ago when I was an earnest young mom I would not buy my oldest toy guns. Yes back then I had been brainwashed. My son built guns out of Legos before he was 2 years old. I think it might have been the beginning my enlightenment.