Monday, January 25, 2016

About Amazon Gift Cards

Bookmark gift card
Gift Card Bookmark
When buying Kindle books, specially the ones on sale for a dollar or so, I prefer to my use Amazon gift card balance.

One reason is that, as you probably know, credit card companies can get antsy when they see small charges like that as it can be a "tell" of credit card theft.  Another is that it makes it easy for me to set my Kindle reading budget.

Amazon makes it really easy to get a gift card - they have eGift cards which are the fastest kind to get for your own use - you get an email gift certificate right away. If you are giving the gift card, and need it today, they also have Print-At-Home cards. If you can wait one day, they have some cute Mail gift cards with free one day shipping. I have one pictured at right - it's a gift card bookmark.

If you want to avoid using a credit card online at all it's easy to get a gift card at a local retailer, specially at a warehouse clubs which typically have them a teeny bit lower than face price.

Have a great start of the work week!

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