Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Book List: US Marine Corp Entry Level (Part 2)

US Marine Corp Reading List - Entry Level (Part 2)

To continue where we left off on the Entry Level Marine Corp Reading List, here are the remaining three books on the list.

The complete set of Professional Reading Lists are maintained here.

USMC Description:
Account of Marine First Sergeant Brad Kasal’s courageous mission to rescue fallen comrades while under intense enemy fire during the Battle of Fallujah. During the fight, Kasal was shot seven times, almost losing his leg, and sustained 47 shrapnel wounds using his body to shield a wounded Marine from an enemy grenade. He was awarded the Navy Cross, the nation's second highest award for heroism, for his actions.

USMC Description:
This book centers around the key battle of the American Civil War: the battle of Gettysburg. In a day-by-day chronicle, the events immediately before and during the battle of Gettysburg unfold through the eyes of Confederate and Union generals and officers. The author's ability to convey the thoughts of men in war as well as their confusion-the so-called "fog of battle" is outstanding.

USMC Description:
This book is about a young soldier’s experience during the American Civil War and is well known for its realistic depiction of battle. Henry Fleming, a private in the Union Army, runs away from the field of war. Afterwards, the shame he feels at this act of cowardice ignites his desire to receive an injury in combat - a red badge of courage that will redeem him.

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