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Sweet Freedom: A Devotional by Sarah Palin

Sweet Freedom: A Devotional

Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Regnery Faith ()
ISBN-13: 978-162157463
Kindle: 1508 KB
Publisher: Regnery Faith; Csm edition (November 16, 2015)

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Inspirational Blog in a Book

One thing I have to acknowledge about Sarah Palin is that she never seems to get beaten down. As a person who has battled the blues personally, in my pretty ordinary life, it fascinates me to observe someone like that, someone who seems to stay energetic and optimistic despite obviously great setbacks. I don't think you have to be a fan or supporter to admit that's true about her, and that it is a good quality to have in life. 

So I was quite interested to see if her new book, subtitled "A Devotional", held some insight into acquiring that kind of strength of spirit. And her introduction does indeed promise that. The book itself is comprised of 260 "Days" - an eye-catching title, an excerpt from Scripture, a simple reflection on how that can apply in our country today, and a "Sweet Freedom in Action" message at the bottom (a call to action).

For example, on Day 160:

When It Rains, His Grace Pours

I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end...
I will see God ...
Job 19: 25-26

With so much bad news in the world, it's easy to think that things will just keep getting worse and worse.
But I doubt if God wants us to think that way.
In the 1970s, America went through a gloomy period. But with the presidency of Ronald Reagan it became "Morning in America" once again. Reagan was realist, but he was also an optimist, because he had faith in God's Providence, and so should we. ...
...If we stay faithful through all of life's trials, God will reward us in the end. We should always trust in His justice.

Sweet Freedom in Action

Today, no matter what difficulties you're going through, put your trust in God - He'll always be there for you.

I've really only browsed through the book so far, and I think reading it as it is mean to be read, one day at a time, would be like reading an inspirational blog daily. It is definitely both political and spiritual. If you like Sarah Palin's outlook on life and politics, this is a pleasant book to have by your nightstand, to read perhaps at the start or end of the day.

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