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The Unknown Element by Vince Milam (guest review by Paul Duffau)

Spiritual Thriller: Unknown Element by Vince Milam

The Unknown Element

Series: Challenged World
Paperback: 222 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform ()
ISBN: 978-1516812417
Kindle: 2362 KB
Publisher: Vince Milam Books (February 2, 2015)

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Entertaining Supernatural Thriller

Vince Milam sets up an intriguing concept combined with quirky characters, including a French priest, to write a highly entertaining supernatural thriller.

Starting with the opening scene of mass murder, Milam presents evil as a force walking and working openly to destroy not just men and women, but humanity itself. Combatting Moloch, the personification of a demon within the story, is steady Sheriff Cole Garza, the tech/genius Nadine May, and the efflorescent personality of Francois Domaine. The three form an unlikely team, committed as much to each other, as they are to finding Moloch and stopping him.

Milam does a nice job pacing the action, leaving just enough room for the reader to catch their breath before another twist spins up the intensity again. The unlikely nature of the trio of Garza, May, and Domaine interact well and the oddness of the situation disappears as the reader forms bonds with each character: Cole for his steadfastness in the shadow of his doubts; Nadine for her humble recognition that for all her intellect, she’s socially flawed; and, Francois, for all his religiosity, falls prey to simple human weaknesses that threaten the team.

Milam nicely weaves a theme of spiritual conflict within the story without ever resorting to heavy-handed preaching, making this appealing to readers of all stripes who enjoy a good thriller. It’s a fun read that will have you looking for the second installment as soon as you finish.

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Paul Duffau is the author or several books, including the excellent Trail of Second Chances. He is currently traveling in Kenya to gather material for his next book.

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