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To Save Us All From Ruin by James Schroeder

To Save Us All From Ruin: A Muldoon Adventure

Paperback: 262 pages
Publisher: Muldoon Publishing ()
ISBN-13: 978-0692564387
Kindle: 965 KB
Publisher: Muldoon Publishing (October 10, 2015)

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A Different Kind of WWII Story

To Save Us All From Ruin is the fictional story of three Colorado farm boys who enlist as soon as they can after Pearl Harbor was attacked. Although fictional, the story is inspired by the World War II diary of the author's father, the real-life "EZ Dog" Schroeder. The author uses excerpts from the diary throughout the book, which gives the scenes in Italy a real sense of history.

The book is an interesting mix of genres. World War II buffs will appreciate the well-researched historical and military details. The author approaches the story with an unexpected sense of whimsical fantasy. I am tempted to call it a World War II fairy tale retelling. Three brothers embark on a quest and tread separate paths. The oldest brother is brave. The middle brother is smart. The youngest brother, slightest of them all, is touched by - there's no other word for it - magic. They are separated, but come together in the end in a great battle. And there's pie.

It's a fun, leisurely read. I did think it could use some trimming in parts. Being able to read the actual World War II diary entries of the author's father was a treat. I hope he will consider publishing it as a non-fictional memoir.

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