Sunday, January 10, 2016

Today in History

Frank and Jesse James
Jesse (right) and Frank (left) in 1872

Frank James was born

On this day in 1843, Alexander Franklin James was born in Clay County Missouri to Ann and and Frank James. He was to achieve notoriety as Frank James, older brother of Jesse James, both of whom were member of the James-Younger gang of bandits.

Although his younger brother Jesse is more famous, partly because of his violent death at a young age, Frank James lived to the age of 72, peacefully and with a family, after surrendering, being tried and acquitted in 1882.

There have been many books and stories about their legend. A well-researched book about their actual history is Frank and Jesse James: The Story Behind the Legend by Ted Yeatman. It's a bit of a brick and somewhat dry but if you are a Civil War or/ Wild West aficionado it's worth reading. There's a good chance your local library has it.

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