Monday, January 4, 2016

Two Free Anthologies by Sarah Hoyt!

A very nice way to start the first week of 2016 is with unexpected free books from a great writer.

As a New Year's gift, science fiction and fantasy writer Sarah Hoyt is giving her readers TWO collections of three stories each.

The first is a science fiction anthology: Three Tales of the USAians.

The second is a fantasy anthology: Three Fantastic Surprises

These anthologies are a mix of previously published and unpublished stories. They are available exclusively through her blog as a treat for her readers

Discover more of Sarah Hoyt's books on her Amazon author page.


  1. Thanks for the link to Sarah Hoyt's sampler.
    Free is within my price range.

    I enjoyed her book "DarkShip Thieves". I only like my fantasies when they sound scientific.

    1. Free is nice! Darkship Thieves is fun. She is working on a collaboration with Larry Correia on a Monster Hunter book - I'm looking forward to that.