Thursday, January 7, 2016

Upcoming Reads: Zuckoff, Epperson, Schroeder, Heavey, and Rossano

You can always see what our next two book reviews are going to be by checking out my Reading Now & Reading Next links on the sidebar. Right now these are the science fiction adventure Outward Bound and the all-too-real Benghazi misadventure 13 Hours.

After those, I'm pretty excited by some new books on the night-stand (well, virtual night-stand, since they are mostly eBooks).

Here's a sneak peek at the virtual night-stand:

To Save Us All From Ruin - I've actually already started this for a book club read. It's a World War II story with a touch of whimsy.

Valentine's Day will be here before sooner than we expect (is it me, or does it happen earlier each year?) and we might as well try to get in a romantic mood. The historical romance Duty will be a our first romance of the year.

We will also be reading the Young Adult novel Underlake and the science fiction novel Fugitive from Asteron.

So stay tuned and happy reading!

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