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Banned by Twitter: @SexTroubleBook by @rsmccain #FreeStacy

Sex Trouble: Essays on Radical Feminism and the War Against Human Nature

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Publication Date: February 25, 2015

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Feminists Purge Twitter of Dissidents

It's just been a week since my last post about a banned book and here we are again. The story of this banning is fraught with drama. For those who have had better things to do and haven't been paying attention, here's a brief recap.

Let's start with the players involved.

First, the author: Robert Stacy McCain is a journalist and longtime conservative blogger. One of his favorite blog topics is his analysis and critique of the feminist agenda. He devoted so much time to it that last year he published his thoughts on this in the book "Sex Trouble: Essays on Radical Feminism and the War Against Human Nature." Among the feminists he has criticized in the past is one Anita Sarkeesian, an activist who was part of the whole GamerGate scandal of 2014.

Twitter is the micro-blogging social media platform with the ubiquitous hashtags. Despite their popularity, the company is a mess. After a modest IPO in 2013 of around $26/share, they once soared as high as $74/share. As recently as April of last year they still at an attractive $52/ share. But since then they've been going steadily down, with top executives leaving en masse at one point. By the start of this month I think they were down to $18/share. So what does this embattled and desperate company do to turn things around? You'll never guess. You'll NEVER guess.

Instead of trying to improve their product or expand their subscriber base, they created a "Trust and Safety Council" composed of left-wing activists. As I and many others predicted, it was a censorship committee:

Back to Robert McCain, or as he was on Twitter, @rsmmcain. He tells the story here:
When Twitter announced on Feb. 9 that Anita Sarkeesian had been appointed to its “Trust and Safety Council,” I called her a “totalitarian ideologue,” and within two weeks — surprise, surprise! — my Twitter account was suspended.  
So the bottom line is that his Twitter account @rsmccain got permanently shut down without warning or explanation, and the account he created for the book, @SexTroubleBook got suspended.

He's not the only conservative who has been targeted by Twitter's new censorship committee. Other conservatives have been getting "shadowbanned", their verified status mysteriously disappearing. In response to this, many prominent conservatives, including actor Adam Baldwin, best-selling writer Larry Correia, and political blogger Ace, have decided to walk away from Twitter altogether.

I can only guess what Twitter's stock price will be by summer. #pennystock #chapter11 #sellsellsell

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