Monday, March 28, 2016

Couch Potato: Penultimate Ep of TWD Season 6

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Hanging Off the Cliff Before the Season Finale 

Some non-TWD couch potato stuff first: We rented a couple of dvds this weekend. I have a kid who loves Mad Max: Fury Road so we had to watch that again, why not, it's only the third time around.

I got to rent Crimson Peak, which I actually liked a lot, despite the negative reviews. I do understand why a lot of people don't like it, specially if they are expecting a horror movie. Crimson Peak is very much a Gothic ghost story, with all the tropes and rules of that genre. The main character, aspiring novelist Edith Cushing, played rather too insipidly by Mia Wasikowska, says herself early in the movie that she would rather be Mary Shelley than Jane Austen. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, specially Tom Hiddleston's Byronic anti-hero Thomas Sharpe. My kid asked me what the movie was about, so I summed up the genre by telling her it's about a girl who makes poor life decisions and there are ghosts. I'll have to add that the movie is visually amazing. I'm shocked it didn't get an award for cinematography.

Now onto the real suspense shocker of the weekend, which was this week's episode of The Walking Dead. SPOILERS after the jump!


Daryl Dixon: Damsel in Danger!!!

Remember the Perils of Penelope Pittstop? Well, get the riot gear ready because Daryl is in danger of dying or might already be DEAD!

But before I get ahead of myself, this second to the last episode of season 6 of The Walking Dead is titled East. This is the direction that Carol is headed on her surprise walkabout, the opposite direction from the Saviors' compound. Morgan and Rick are on her trail of dead bodies, hoping to convince her to come back, and on the way they sort of have a heart to heart. Now Rick opened the episode with an amazing display of hubris as he woke up in bed with Michonne - I think he actually said something like they own this world now, anything they need they can take. I actually shouted "You did not just say that out loud!" at the TV. But like an idiot, he did. However, his little road trip with Morgan might have pulled him back a little from his new "Take no chances, kill them all" philosophy.

Meantime, the real action is happening in the west, where Daryl has taken off to exact some revenge on Dwight, the Savior that killed Denise last episode. Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita have taken after him to stop him. Instead they all get captured by Dwight and the Saviors, and the episode ends with Dwight pointing a gun at Daryl, pulling the trigger, blood splatters on the screen, and we hear Dwight's voice saying "You'll be all right."

If that's not enough to keep fans worried, Maggie seems to be in danger of losing her baby and Carol, aside from being on the verge of a breakdown, might also be wounded.

Next week's 90-minute finale can not get here soon enough!


  1. Sure that was Dwight's voice(mothy67 can't seem to past thT here)

    1. Hi mothy! Yeah, blogger is stupid about comments - basically you need to have 3rd party cookies turned on, which is not safe for other sites. Anonymous commenting is ok.
      It sounded like Dwight's voice to me - who did it sound like to you?

  2. Not sure rewatching