Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Great Deals on Kindle E-Reader & Fire Tablets

Kindle E-Reader

Mother's Day Gift Idea

Amazon has $20 dollars off some of its Kindle E-Readers - check it out here.

The 7" Fire tablet now comes in Magenta, Blue, and Tangerine, as well, as Black and its everyday price is actually lower than the discounted Kindle Reader.

There are also great deals right now on the Fire HD 6 ($30 off!) and the Fire HD 10 ($50 off!) so those are also great gift ideas.

The difference between the Kindle E-Readers and the Fire tablets is that the Kindle is only for reading books. The screen is great for reducing eye-strain, specially on the higher-end Kindle Paper-White which actually lets you read comfortably even in sunlight. If you've been wanting to get one, it's also $20 off right now.

The Fire tablets, on the other hand, are android tablets that let you stream movies, listen to music, browse the web, run apps, etc. You can also read kindle books on it with the built-in Kindle app and you can install apps to read books in other formats. It's very user friendly, and while in you are in warranty, the customer service is fantastic (even when you are out of warranty, they are still quite helpful, imo). You go through Amazon to get apps, which means you don't get  access to as many apps as you would through Google Play, although I think there are ways to side-load. On the other hand, there are less opportunities to get in trouble. For a non-techie, it's a very friendly tablet - all the system upgrades and stuff like that happens automatically. They also have Fire tablets geared for kids.

'Fess Up

I have to think someone "of the Horde" made this bumper sticker. Heh.

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