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Couch Potato: FTWD 2.6 and Regression

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Couch Potato: FTWD 2.6 and Regression

Some non-FTWD stuff first. We rented Regression this weekend, mainly because it's free to stream for Prime members. It's loosely based on the "satanic cults are everywhere" scare a few decades ago. Ethan Hawke is the cop who gets caught up in the hysteria, while Emma Watson is the cult victim/whistleblower. Ethan Hawke does a great job as usual, but the movie itself is just so-so. Sorry, Ethan. But the whole mass hysteria / witch hunt phenomenon always interests me, so I'm glad I watched the movie.

In other viewing news, The Night Manager just gets better and better. Just one episode to go. In case you missed it, here is my previous post on it.

Now on to Fear The Walking Dead. SPOILERS AHOY!


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Episode 6 of the second season of FTWD is titled Sicut Cervus, which is Latin from Psalm 41:2. The phrase is: “Sicut cervus desiderat ad fontes aquarum, ita desiderat anima mea ad te Deus.”(“As the deer long for the springs of water, so my soul longs for you, oh God.”) Sicut Cervus is also the title of the hymn that the parishioners are singing in the opening scene of the episode. Which, by the way, was a powerful opening - the blood trickling from everyone's eyes was Excorcist-creepy. In fact this whole episode is action-packed, violent, and full of walkers. This cheers my cold black heart.

Before I forget, to answer Madison's question: "How do you say asshole in Spanish", I suggest "cabrĂ³n". I am not sure what Luis said to get the shooting started, but, I will say that I predicted him dying first among the Abigail crew.

I am a bit sad about Thomas Abigail dying so soon - he seemed nice. His housekeeper/nanny Celia is scary crazy - who the heck poisons a whole village? And they still have her cooking their dinner! Ack!

Speaking of crazy, Chris has graduated from at-risk teen to serial killer wannabe. Was he hoping to stab Madison? Or Alicia? Or did he just want a knife? He makes Daniel look sane. Will Travis have to tell Chris to just look at the flowers? Could Travis do that? Or is there some kind of therapy that will work on Chris? After all, he is at the age when schizophrenia can first manifest.

Speaking of Daniel, was that him flashing back to once terrorizing kids, or was that a memory of himself as a kid?

I think there is some rule in the Zombie Apocalypse that every thriving farm will keep walkers stashed away. Channeling my inner Spock, that seems illogical. But I guess in this case we are supposed to attribute this to Celia's spiritual belief system.

Last but not least - did you guys think Strand was sincere when he made the suicide pact with Thomas or was he just saying that so that Thomas could die peacefully? Whichever it was, I bet crazy Celia is going to be more than a tad upset with Strand when she finds out he didn't eat the poison wafer.

Did you watch the episode? What did you think?

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