Monday, May 23, 2016

Couch Potato: FTWD 2.7 Mid-Season Finale

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Couch Potato: FTWD 2.7 Mid-Season Finale

Some non-FTWD stuff first. So Deadpool is finally out on video, but I haven't managed to watch it yet because everyone else in the house already watched it in theaters (I had a headache that day). First world problems, right? But they all enjoyed it, and the little doll is cute, so I'm mentioning it anyway.

Now on to Fear The Walking Dead. SPOILERS AHOY!


Cuckoos Flee The Nest

Episode 6 of the second season of FTWD is titled Shiva, a reference either to the Hindu god (the "Auspicious One") or to the Jewish practice of sitting shiva for the dead. I'm guessing the latter, because if they were picking Hindu deities, Kali would have made more sense.

When we last left FTWD, Chris was a wannabe serial killer, Daniel was depressed, Nick was drawn to Celia's strange veneration of the walkers, and Strand was just reneged on his suicide pact with Tom Abigail. This episode picks up where the last one ended. Celia is furious at Strand for not letting Tom turn into a zombie, and not poisoning himself. She wants them all off the estate. Strand is in a fugue of grief, but Nick tries to charm Celia into letting them stay.

Meanwhile, the crazy has escalated so quickly I have to wonder if Celia maybe slipped a little something into their pozole - maybe some magic mushrooms or ergot-infected corn. Daniel is now hearing and seeing ghosts. He tries to convince Strand that burying Tom on the estate is a bad idea and ends up locked up by Celia's men instead. I really have a hard time buying Daniel's abrupt descent into madness - I know he heard voices two episodes ago, and he's been mopey in the last, but he's always seemed so rational otherwise. Anyway, in the end, his ghosts have him in full burn it down, scatter the stones, salt the earth where it stood mode (waves to AllenG), but we are supposed to presume that he dies in the fire that devours the estate. But this is TV, so I think he'll be back eventually - and I will miss him, he was a good guy to have on your side in the zombie apocalypse.

Meanwhile Chris, realizing that family dinners could be a bit awkward from here on out given that step-sister and stepmom both think he was planning to knife them in their sleep, decides to run away. Travis goes after him, barefoot for no good reason. They reunite at a hut, where Chris gives him a nice Father's Day surprise of a hostage father and son. (I guess that was supposed to be some kind of ironic metaphor for their own messed up father and son relationship, in serial killer logic.) Finally Travis realizes that maybe Chris isn't doing so great, and he decides that he will stay with him and together they will have a father and son walkabout. One question: will there be shoes in Travis's future?

Very unexpectedly, Nick, who up until now has been coping surprisingly well in the zombie apocalypse, decide to go native walker. He's really fallen for Celia's mumbo-jumbo. First he dons zombie guts and blood again and brings zombie-Luis back to mama Celia, all trussed up, then he just refuses to leave when the estate burns down. So he's off on his own walkabout, and shall henceforth be called "Wanders with Walkers."

Madison manages to lock Celia in her cellar of walkers, so that's the end of that bruja. Strand gets it together enough to flee the inferno with Madison, Alicia, and Ofelia in tow. I think the next episode will be called Strand's Angels.

So that's it for the first half of season 2. I don't know how many weeks until FTWD returns. I'm not sure what shows or movies to feature in the next Couch Potato post. If you have suggestions, let me know!


  1. Started watching again(got caught up last night on demand). A few episodes at once is more enjoyablefor me.
    My take zombie sympathizers are progressives. Mean well but ignore the facts. Jeopardize everyone else.