Thursday, May 19, 2016

Limited Time Kindle Dollar Deals!

Kindle does so many Daily and Countdown deals, it's hard to see what might be good, but here are a few promising ones. Some of these are today only deals, so don't wait to see if you like them. Right now these three promising-looking books are less than a buck. The prices are creeping up but still great steals.

A Taste for Murder
by Burl Barer and Frank C. Giradot Jr.

TRUE CRIME: This was featured on Investigation Discovery's "Epic Mysteries" on TV.
The blurb reads:
Frank Rodriguez, a much-loved counselor of troubled teens, lies dead on the bedroom floor. His wife and step-daughter are in shock, and so is the medical examiner when he performs the autopsy. Aside from being dead, Frank is in perfect health.
Demanding to know the cause of her husband’s death, Angie Rodriguez badgers the police, insisting that Frank was murdered. The cops attribute her assertions to overwhelming grief, but soon they too believe that Frank didn’t die of natural causes.
When the police enlist their number one suspect to help in the investigation, things spiral out of control until police are dealing with a daring plot to murder Angie’s best friend, and allegations of another homicide so evil and perverse that even seasoned L.A County Detectives are shocked beyond belief ... and so will the readers!
The reviews are good for this true crime book, so if this is your genre, grab this while it's cheap.

The Devil's Dictum
by Frederick Heimbach

ALTERNATE HISTORY: I got this off the CFLA Book of The Year Nominees list and it is at an everyday low price of less than a dollar.
The blurb:
In a topsy-turvy United States founded by pirates, the personal assassin to the chief justice receives a terrifying order: round up and kill all men who look like himself. Why does the chief justice want these men dead? What threat could they possibly pose? And can the assassin save them—or will he become the final victim?
Spooky, sly and satirical, The Devil’s Dictum recasts J. Edgar Hoover as a Satanic high priest, Calvin Coolidge as a private eye, and Richard Nixon as the pilot of a giant armored robot. Readers hungering for original and mind-blowing alternate history need look no further.
I like alternate history stories, although I usually prefer straight adventure or thriller to satire, but the idea of the USA being founded by pirates is new and intriguing.


by John Oehler

LOST WORLD: Winner of First Place for Adult Genre Novels, awarded by the Pacific Northwest Writers Association.
From the blurb:
In 1559, forty-nine Spaniards exploring a tributary of the Orinoco River reached a sheer-sided, cloud-capped mountain called Tepui Zupay. When they tried to climb it, all but six of them were slaughtered by Amazons. Or so claimed Friar Sylvestre, the expedition’s chronicler. But Sylvestre made many bizarre claims: rivers of blood, plants that lead to gold.
Jerry Pace, a burn-scarred botanist struggling for tenure at UCLA, thinks the friar was high on mushrooms. Jerry’s best friend, the historian who just acquired Sylvestre’s journal, disagrees. He plans to retrace the expedition’s footsteps, and wants Jerry to come with him. Jerry refuses, until he spots a stain between the journal’s pages—a stain that could only have been left by a plant that died out with the dinosaurs. Now he has to find that plant.
But the Venezuelan wilderness does not forgive intruders. Battered and broken, they reach a remote Catholic orphanage where the old prioress warns of death awaiting any who would venture farther. But an exotic Indian girl leads them on, through piranha-infested rivers and jungles teaming with poisonous plants, to Tepui Zupay—the forbidden mountain no outsider has set eyes on since the Spaniards met their doom.
I haven't read any of this guy's books before, but I have a soft spot for Lost World adventures.

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