Sunday, May 1, 2016

Welcome the Mary Month of May

Regina Coeli, one of the earliest
Marian Latin Hymns, on Amazon

May is the month of Motherhood, Earthly and Divine

May, the month of the fullness of spring, has always been associated with motherhood. The month itself is named for the Greek goddess Maia, mother of Hermes, who was later linked to Bona Dea (the good goddess) Roman goddess of fertility. Bona Dea's festival was held in May.

As often happens, new converts to Christianity who held reverence for the goddess transferred their practices to the obvious Christian cognate - Mary, the mother of Jesus. Where may celebrations had previously honored fertility goddesses, they gradually began to honor Mary instead. By the 13th century the Church began to officially encourage this by dedicating the month of May to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Today is also the day that the Orthodox Church celebrates Easter, so a Happy Easter again to all of us.

April in Review

For easy reference, here are our books  reviewed, and historical dates noted, and all the other stuff. Enjoy!

On to May!

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