Friday, June 10, 2016

#CLFA Steal and Giveaway: On Different Strings by Arbel and Freedom/Hate by Andrews

On Different Strings by Nitay Arbel cover
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Two good things from our CLFA writers this Friday!

Limited Time 99c Sale

On Different Strings: A Musical Romance
by Nitay Arbel

Here's the blurb for this new release:
Guitar virtuoso Amy Ziegler ekes out a precarious living as a teaching assistant in the Mays College music department. One day a mysterious older student shows up: Ian Keenan, an engineering professor and closet songwriter. Opposites attract, and music is the language of the spirit.

Each is passionate about music, and each has been deeply wounded in love. Thus a weird yet wonderful friendship grows between the reserved English academic and the outgoing small-town Texan girl who grew up in poverty. Each secretly starts yearning for more, but the world has other ideas. Soon they become caught in a maelstrom between rivals, exes, their own pasts, activists, and campus bureaucrats. Will the rapids tear them apart, or will love and sanity prevail?

Click on the title to see the sale at Amazon. I don't know how long the sale lasts, so don't delay.

Freedom/Hate by Kyle Andrews cover
Everyday low price on Amazon

Goodreads Giveaway

by Kyle Andrews

Next is a chance to win this first book in Kyle Andrews's dystopian Freedom/Hate series. You have to be a goodreads member (it's free) to enter the giveaway. Here's the blurb:
Everything they say on the news is a lie. To question that lie is a crime

Collin Powers knows the truth. As a low ranking member of an underground movement, his job is to transport some of the most illicit materials in the city... Books. When a simple exchange goes wrong, Collin is forced to run. Now wanted for terrorism and murder, he is desperate and alone. The world believes that he is a monster, but the only thing Collin wants is freedom.

As news of the fugitive filters through the city, high school student Libby Jacobs is just trying to make it through her everyday life. A terrorist is murdering people in the streets. Her mother is sick, and getting worse every day. Her cousin is hiding a dangerous secret, which could threaten her entire family. The truth is something that Libby doesn't want to know. It will tear her world apart. It will bring her face to face with everything that she has always been taught to hate.

The second book is titled Blood Rights and can be pre-ordered now, for its July 4 release.

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