Monday, June 13, 2016

Couch Potato: Movies to Rent - 13 Hours, Risen, London Has Fallen

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Movies to Rent this Summer

Aside from Deadpool, which I am probably the last one in the world to have watched (it was funny), I have no viewing to report for this weekend, so I thought I'd talk about movies I want to see.

First on my list would be 13 Hours. I've wanted to see it ever since I reviewed the book, which is a must-read. Ace had a great review of the movie when it came out in theaters earlier this year. Here's how he starts:

Movie Review: 13 Hours, A Great Movie and an Enormous, Enormous Problem for Hillary

13 Hours is, doubtless, the best film of Michael Bay's career. It's also an objectively good movie.
Let me get to the politics first. The film is not blatantly political. Do not doubt, however, that it does not have an overt political meaning. It's overt -- just not in-your-face.
The film is filled with the heroes wondering "When is someone coming to help us?"
There are shots of planes lying dormant while Americans are being shot to pieces.
There is an exchange where one soldier (actually, ex-soldiers working for the CIA called G.S.R.'s) says to the other, "I just saw on the news, they're saying this is because of a protest."
The other says: "I didn't see any protest."
And neither does the filmgoer-- there is no protest. There is simply a coordinated attack which starts out of nowhere. It's obvious what this is from the start; there is no "fog of war," at least not about what started this.

Read the whole review (but don't comment on that thread, it's archived).

Next on my list would be Risen, mainly out of curiosity and because I have a soft spot for Tom Felton. I always feel anxious about Biblical themed movies because quality can be uneven, but I've heard that this one does the period well, so I'm optimistic.

I also wouldn't mind watching London Has Fallen, to see more of Gerard Butler (Set in Gods of Egypt from our last Couch Potato post).

As far as movies in theaters, I think I want to see the Independence Day: Resurgence, mainly because the original was awesome.

What movies you want to see, either in theaters or on video?

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