Thursday, June 30, 2016

FREE Book Alert: The Man From P.I.S.S. by John Campbell

The Man From P.I.S.S. (Poker Investigations, Sensible Solutions)

Publisher: Smashwords ()
ISBN-13: 978-1311449863
Words: 8250
Available for FREE on Smashwords

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If you haven't checked out Smashwords before here is a good reason to - a first book by one of our regulars, John Campbell, who describes himself as a "crotchety old bastard. I write for fun. I remind myself of Salinger, not J. D. but Pierre. That was a joke Get off my lawn."

The Man From P.I.S.S.(Poker Investigations, Sensible Solutions) is a two in one - a short story that introduces poker-playing private investigator Edwin Campbell, followed by a mystery novella from Edwin's point of view.

From the blurb:

... a very clever poker playing detective catching out those who would cheat or otherwise abuse the game of poker. Did I mention that he is a "cheater" himself? An amusing and well thought out collection, worth more than you are paying. Stories that run gamut from delightful to more delightful. Edwin Campbell is the man from P.I.S.S. You will want more!

If you get a copy (which is free), be sure to leave a review! New writers always appreciate good feedback.

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