Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Congratulations to CLFA 2016 Book of the Year Winners!

CLFA 2016 Book of the Year

The Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance has announced the winners of their 2016 Book of the Year Awards.

I am very excited that one of our very own AoSHQ writers, Jack July, won third place with the second book in his Amy Lynn series. I reviewed (and loved) the first Amy Lynn book, so I am not surprised that it won. Well-deserved!

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees, and a big thanks to the CLFA for organizing these awards.


The saga of Amy Lynn continues in this second action packed novel by Jack July. As the story begins, Amy is coming home from Afghanistan wounded and confused about who she is and where she belongs. Back home in rural Alabama, surrounded by the love of family and friends, she needs to heal her body, bury her boyfriend, and decide what to do with her future.
But life has a plan of its own...
When eight-year-old Kristy Wilson is taken from her Missouri home, the count of missing young girls rises to twenty-three. Under orders from an angry, vengeful president, the CIA takes action. Amy is persuaded by her friend, CIA operative Tatiana Aziz to join her team as a “trainee” on a worldwide chase to find who is taking these girls and bring Kristy back home.
Follow Amy and Tatiana while you meet an eclectic group of CIA cohorts. They race the clock to find Kristy and along the way, deal some old school American justice.


A brutal murder stuns the quiet South Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia. No grieving parents come forward to claim the unknown girl’s body, and there aren’t any clues. The police are inexperienced. The local media are casting blame and demanding answers. A mini-culture war is brewing . . .
So what do the civic leaders do? They hire Bruno X, Psychic Detective.
No joke, the guy’s got talent. And a track record. Sure, his psychic shtick is a bit unorthodox. Yet, somehow, he gets results—solving long-forgotten mysteries locked inside the old brick Quaker meeting house, and uncovering closely held secrets hidden within the biotech company whose symbol is the Violet Crow.


#1 IN A NEW EPIC FANTASY SERIES from Monster Hunter series creator and New York Times best-selling author, Larry Correia!
After the War of the Gods, the demons were cast out and fell to the world. Mankind was nearly eradicated by the seemingly unstoppable beasts, until the gods sent the great hero, Ramrowan, to save them. He united the tribes, gave them magic, and drove the demons into the sea. Ever since the land has belonged to man and the oceans have remained an uncrossable hell, leaving the continent of Lok isolated. It was prophesized that someday the demons would return, and only the descendants of Ramrowan would be able to defeat them. They became the first kings, and all men served those who were their only hope for survival.
As centuries passed the descendants of the great hero grew in number and power. They became tyrannical and cruel, and their religion nothing but an excuse for greed. Gods and demons became myth and legend, and the people no longer believed. The castes created to serve the Sons of Ramrowan rose up and destroyed their rulers. All religion was banned and replaced by a code of unflinching law. The surviving royalty and their priests were made casteless, condemned to live as untouchables, and the Age of Law began.
Ashok Vadal has been chosen by a powerful ancient weapon to be its bearer. He is a Protector, the elite militant order of roving law enforcers. No one is more merciless in rooting out those who secretly practice the old ways. Everything is black or white, good or evil, until he discovers his entire life is a fraud. Ashok isn’t who he thinks he is, and when he finds himself on the wrong side of the law, the consequences lead to rebellion, war—and destruction.

Once again, congratulations to the winners and thank you to all who voted!

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