Tuesday, July 26, 2016

New Release: Wearing the Cat: Part Two: The Fox's Den by H D Woodard

Wearing The Cat
Part One: The Fox's Den

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Launch Sale! $0.99 For the Rollicking Sequel

The sequel to the hilarious Wearing the Cat: Flaming Hoops is here!

Here's the blurb:

Set in 1989, with America near the height of her power, prestige, and influence, “Wearing the Cat” concerns the exuberant and blackly comic misadventures of Lt. Nick McGill, dentist in the United States Navy Dental Corps.

In “The Fox’s Den”, Part Two of “Wearing the Cat”, Lt Nick McGill arrives at MCAS Katsuobushi Japan as the Lieutenant Deluxe, the finest lieutenant, professionally, militarily, dentally, socially, spiritually, that the Old Man has ever had the privilege of serving with in the whole of his Naval career.

McGill has the papers to prove it.

And all it took was a little blackmail.

But, he’s all done with that. Done with blackmail. Done with DT2 Sayers

Even though MCAS Katusobushi is the base where DT2 Sayers was kicked out of Japan, no matter. McGill is done. Absolutely, positively done with all that mess.


For he is the Uberlieutenant, all spit and polish, all yessir’s and right-away-sir’s. Like Lawrence of Arabia, McGill of Katsuobushi is ready to make his mark upon his new command and for matter, make his mark on the whole of Japan.

It should be easy given his brand new reputation..

On the other hand, what’s wrong with a little friendly blackmail?

McGill’s idiotic yet brilliant solutions to his dilemmas lead to an exquisite series of surprises, twists, and laughs as just about everything that could possibly go wrong does for McGill. And changes his life forever.

Wry and ribald, deeply human and wildly hilarious, sexy and subversive, with excellent oral hygiene, “Wearing the Cat” is a fun, funny, and fast paced read.

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