Wednesday, August 31, 2016

September - Back to School, Back to Books!

1940 WPA Poster

Fall is here!

I won't lie, I'm looking forward to some cooler weather. And speaking of back to school, I am starting some online classes too. Should be interesting.

August in Review

August was a great month! The blog hit a milestone in page views and that is so great!

I'd like to thank guest reviewers Angie and JTB, and reader recommenders Denise and JackS for their kindness and generosity in sharing their book reviews and recommendations. And of course very special thanks to Kid the Younger for her book recommendations. If you have a book you love and want to share, let me know so we can get your review on the blog!

For easy reference, here are our books  reviewed, and historical dates noted, and all the other stuff. Enjoy!

Welcome Fall Fun!

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