Sunday, September 25, 2016

Banned Books Week Begins

ISIS burns Christian books (March 2016)

Banned Books Week starts today. It's not really all that it seems, really. It is an annual campaign that the American Library Association and the Amnesty International. It was started back in 1982 at the behest of the American Association of Publishers as a marketing event that they suggested to activist Judith Krug.

Although it purports to defend the First Amendment, in practice these days what it does is push an agenda. This year, the official theme of Banned Books Week is "Celebrating Diversity." I wish I were kidding.

Can't get this in many countries
but it's free on Amazon for us
Well, I've decided to do my part to make Banned Book Week about actual book bans and restrictions and author censorship.

Like this classic. Currently completely illegal in NorthKorea, severely restricted as to who can own or publish in a whole bunch of countries ranging from China to almost the entire Middle East, some parts of Africa and South-East Asia. I'm linking to a well-reviewed version that is available for free. Get it while it's legal.

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  1. Heheheh! I got mine.

    Glad you're doing this. Not that I have a shortage of books to read,for sure. But for if/when I have time, there's no better place to start than with the titles that get the Thought Cops' panties in a wad.