Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Banned in 2016: Cakes by Slaves, Anti-Abortion Computers

Banned in 2016

It's common to say that no books are actually banned anymore in 2016. And yet at the very start of this year, a children's picture book was pulled from publication by Scholastic because of public outcry. Was it obscene, did it promote illegal activity, or perhaps did it have glaring factual errors? None of the above. It was too historically accurate, and therefore counter to politically correct thinking. Do you see any of the Banned Books Week promoters lobbying to get it back in print? Don't hold your breath. These are very likely the same people who got it banned in the first place. Read about the first banned book of 2016.

Also banned, this time by the editor, was a book that simply used abortion as a plot-device in a science fiction scenario. This was a pre-contracted book, by a writer with an existing relationship with the the publisher. The editor didn't want a book that showed abortion in any possibly negative light.

Fortunately the author decided to self-publish instead, and the book went on to Amazon best-seller status and just won a Dragon Award. Read about the backstory of Ctrl-Alt-Revolt! here.

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