Monday, September 12, 2016

Couch Potato: Now You See Me 2, BBT Reminder

Now You See Me 2

We watched Now You See Me 2 over the weekend. Kid the Elder is a big fan of the first movie, and it's too bad she's away and couldn't watch it with us. I think she would have liked it. It's slick, fast, lots of effects. Kind the Younger says it's good "coz it has Harry Potter."

As for me, I thought it was fun enough but the plot doesn't really hold up. It needed a better script. I think they were trying too hard with twists and such that they lost the sense of mystery that made the first film wonderful.

Still, as a rental, it's not bad. The new cast additions did well, I think.

That's it for our mini-review.

Next week the Big Bang Theory starts their new season (Monday nights now), and I am sure the change is very disturbing to Sheldon Cooper. By the way, if were thinking of getting BBT Season 9 on DVD/Blu-ray, there is a promo for it:
This product contains an insert with a complimentary redemption code included in its packaging valid for 3 digital episodes of “The Big Bang Theory: Season 10” available the day after they air. To redeem these episodes, follow the instructions included in the product packaging. Redemption code expires on 10/30/2016.

And Once Upon A Time returns in two weeks. We've been waiting. Netflix just released season 5, so you can catch up if you missed it.

Are there any TV shows you are looking forward to this fall?

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