Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ditch Censuring Twitter for Free Speech Gab

This will be a short post because I have to run out and do real life stuff soon. So yesterday I found out that Twitter had not only suspended science fiction writer, publisher and alt-right activist Vox Day, but tagged his blog as spam so that no other Twitter user could link to it. In some cases triggering a lock of that user's Twitter account as well. It's a modern excommunication. I will definitely do a longer post on it, probably on Banned Books Week next week.

Today I found out that Twitter had suspended USA Today columnist Professor Glenn Reynolds, of Instapundit fame. Twitter users immediately reacted and he was reinstated after a few hours, but he's clearly on Twitter's List Of Trouble Makers.*

It gets really tiresome to be tweeting on eggshells. So, if you haven't yet, I suggest you sign up for which is a new, still-in-beta social media alternative to Twitter. The founder, Andrew Torba (@torbahax on Twitter and @a on Gab), is committed to free speech. There's a waitlist that really does not take that long (a few days, usually). I've been on it a couple of weeks and it's an amazingly friendly, fun, lighthearted hangout. Until I went on it I did not realize how oppressive the atmosphere of both Twitter and Facebook were getting. If you are already on Gab, look me up!

*Update: Twitter reinstated Glenn Reynolds only on condition that he delete his tweet. How very "recant, heretic" of them.


  1. i'd be on Gab if they would ever send me a link...

    speaking of sending stuff, i've yet to see an e-mail from Zazzle that my "Deployable" shirt is en-route...


    1. Hi Red!
      Thank you for ordering! Zazzle is usually reliable - contact them to follow up if you haven't heard yet.
      The gab invites can take awhile - there are two ways I know to follow up - one is via twitter (@getongab) the other is via FB
      I hope that helps!