Thursday, September 1, 2016

New Release: Wearing the Cat Part 3: His Golden Time by H.D. Woodard

Wearing The Cat
Part 3: His Golden Time

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Publisher: H D WOODARD ()
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The third book in the hilarious Wearing the Cat series is here!

Here's the blurb:

In “His Golden Time”, Part Three of “Wearing the Cat”, Lt Nick McGill is closer than ever to achieving his goal of adding excitement to his life through access to an excess of wine, women, and adventure.

Best of all, with the incredibly wealthy Mr Sanbuichi as his new English Student, McGill now has access to the world of the rich, their money, and their fine, fine women. Not to mention the great food and high quality booze.

Even that little English class Belloc left him as a farewell gift gives McGill some nice pocket change and a shot at a pretty girl.

So, good things all around.

And yet, with his enthusiastic and sensuous response to the fresh and surprising world opening around him, McGill may be missing the most important thing of all.

The quiet, sweet arrival of romance in his life.
Readers of the series should grab this now while it's on sale!

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