Monday, October 17, 2016

CLFA October Booknado Part 1: Sale & FREE Books Today & Tomorrow only!

CLFA Booknado of New Releases & Extreme Deals!

There is an storm of good books in the latest CLFA Booknado, many of them on extreme discount and even free! This is a two day event, running today and tomorrow only. There are so many great books that I am breaking this up into two posts, This is just part 1!

Roanoke Academy for the Sorcerous Arts

The third book of L. Jagi Lamplighter's YA Fantasy The Books of Unexpected Enlightenment series, Rachel and the Many-Splendored Dreamland is out, and to celebrate, the author is offering book 1, The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin, absolutely FREE. And book 2, The Raven, The Elf, and Rachel, is on Kindle countdown sale for 99c today (price goes back up by tomorrow)!

Curiosity may kill a cat, but nothing stops Rachel Griffin! “Fringe meets Narnia at Hogwarts”

Kindle Countdown Sale!

Also FREE or Extremely Discounted!

YA Horror adventure The Good Fight By Justin Robinson is FREE! GRAB IT NOW!
Toronto is a crowded place. Plenty of eyes and ears all around. Plenty of chances to be overheard. Be careful what you say…

The Light in Darkness 12-book collection is still only 99c today on pre-order, and goes up to $1.99 tomorrow. A deal so extreme it feels like a steal! (I have this and will be reviewing it.)
Twelve noblebright fantasy novels of beauty and wonder! Noblebright fantasy characters have the courage to risk kindness, honesty, integrity, and love; to fight against their own flaws and the darkness of the world around them; and to find hope in a grim world.

And in non-fiction, Hans G. Schantz bring us The Biographies of John Charles Fremont on Kindle countdown sale for only 99c today!
John Charles Fremont, first Republican candidate for President in 1856, led a colorful life that made him vulnerable to allegations of scandal – claims of illegitimate birth, secret Catholicism, even cannibalism – and some of these claims were actually true.

Kindle Countdown!
99c today! $1.99 tomorrow

Up next, a tsunami of new releases!

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