Monday, October 17, 2016

CLFA October Booknado Part 2: New Releases on Sale!

CLFA Booknado of New Releases Part 2!

Here is part 2 of the CLFA Booknado which is an avalanche of new releases by conservative and libertarian freedom-writers! (If you haven't seen it, here is Part 1.)


Dragonblood: A Collection of Short Stories by Sarah A. Hoyt
Flames of Nevyana by Edward Willett

Science Fiction

Discovery by Karina Fabian
SF - First Contact
Advance to Contact (Warp Marine Corps Book 3) by C.J. Carella
Birthright: The Complete Trilogy by Rick Partlow
Mil-SF Omnibus

Post-Apocalyptic Thrillers

A Place Outside the Wild by Daniel Humphreys
After the Zombies (Horde)
Days of Future Past – Part 1: Past Tense by John Van Stry

Funny P.I. Mysteries

Mexican Hat Trick by T.S. O’Neil
Blackfox Crime (Horde) 
Cindy’s Story by Duane L. Martin
P.I. 101

Historical Romance & Short Stories

Miss Maryanne's Disgrace by Georgie Lee
Regency Romance
Echoes of Liberty Anthology - The Clarion Call Vol. 2
SFF Stories of Liberty

Satire & Social Commentary

Sad Puppies Bite Back by Declan Finn
Based on a True Story, Twisted
Van Ripplewink: You Can’t Go Home Again by Paul Clayton
Rip Van Winkle Retold

Have fun reading, and remember to post a review on Amazon!

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