Thursday, October 20, 2016

Review: The Product by Marina Fontaine

The Product

Print Length: 81 pages
Publisher: Superversive Press ()
Kindle: 1485 KB
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Intense Dystopic Thriller

I mentioned this new release last week, and as promised, here's my review:

The Product is about a dark and intense dystopia. It's about Kevin, a young dealer of the "Product", which is a mysterious and highly illegal substance. It also seems to be the only source of happiness of a incredibly cowed and remarkably ignorant. They've forgotten a lot - basic concepts we take for granted. The scary thing is that the future that's painted is not that unimaginable. It's a future that is a simple extrapolation from our present.

I really like that The Product is very fast-paced - starts out with a chase and things escalate from there. I got quite worried about the main characters. The violence is really up there, which made it tough for me in some spots. But the need to find out more kept me reading. And although The Product does not shirk at portraying violence and evil, the story is really about hope and faith in the human spirit.

Not a long story, but like I said, an intense one. And open-ended enough that I wonder if there will be more stories in this setting.

By the way, check out my review of the author's first book, Chasing Freedom.

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