Friday, November 11, 2016

Celebrate Victory: FREE Wearing The Cat complete series by H D Woodard

For Your Service, Our Humble Gratitude

First of all, HAPPY VETERAN's DAY to all who have served and continue to serve. We thank you for your service in defense of our freedom and our nation, which God willing, is on it's way to becoming great again.

Celebrate Victory with FREE Fun Reads

Writer H D Woodard is so happy about Tuesday's results that he is giving out FREE Kindle copies of all of the books in his Wearing the Cat series. Here's his announcement:
In honor of Happy Fun Victory Week-

ALL 4 Volumes of "Wearing the Cat" For the Kindle-


That's right.

Keep the good feeling going with some laughs on me.

(And I hope you can leave a review on Amazon after you read them to let the author know what you think.)

Here they are in order:
Part 1: Flaming Hoops
Part 2: Fox's Den
Part 3: Golden Time
Part 4: Black Room

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