Friday, November 18, 2016

Field of Fight by Trump's National Security Adviser Gen. Mike Flynn

Gen. Michael T. Flynn will be National Security Adviser

Gen. Flynn, You Magnificent Bastard, I Read Your Book!

President Elect Trump has offered Gen. Mike T. Flynn the position of National Security Adviser. I'm quite happy about this, because as my Patton misquote alludes to, I did actually read Flynn's book, Field of Fight.

In my review I said:

Gen. Flynn basically implies that the only way to win is to treat this like we it is a world war, which it is. The whole country has to be part of the effort. Second, we have to engage violent Islamists wehere ever they may be, no safe havens. Third we must decisively confront the states and groups that sponsor the terrorists. And last we must wage an ideological war against Radical Islam.
If we had someone like Gen. Flynn leading this war, we might actually win it.

Field of Fight is actually a short but densely packed book. Part memoir, part policy paper, it tells you what kind of background Gen. Flynn came from, and how he got to his views. He was a scrapper as a kid, almost a drop-out. Basketball and a sympathetic ROTC instructor saved him. The public sees him as low-key but he's an interesting guy.

Read my full review here, or check out other reviews of Field of Flight on Amazon.

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