Monday, November 21, 2016

Ivanka Trump Fashion on Amazon

Ivanka Trump fashion line is on Amazon

Mean Girls vs Ivanka

A bunch of mean girl leftists have been trying to get retailers to stop selling the Ivanka Trump fashion line. Because apparently being a feminist means punishing women for the sins of their father. And instead of doing a boycott, where they convince customers not to buy the products, they are trying to ban the products from getting sold so customers don't even get a choice. What is it with the anti-choice Left which loves to use censorship and bans to control the population? Why are they always so terribly afraid of the free market?

Thus far the mean girl leftists have convinced to drop the Ivanka Trump line. Now they are trying to get Nordstrom and other retailers to do the same. However, I just checked and the biggest retailer-killer of all still carries the Ivanka Trump line - Amazon. If you want to check it out, maybe buy something for yourself or the fashionista in your family or friends, you can find her Amazon page here.

Ivanka Trump's fashion line is "Clean. Elegant. Classic." and has a look that is geared towards professional women. Her shoes have a nice silhouette and she seems to go for an understated look. Have a look at the Ivanka Trump fashion line at Amazon

Thanks for reading my little rant! I have been feeling a bit tired and under the weather so I apologize in advance for what may be a very light blogging week.

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