Wednesday, November 2, 2016

New to the Horde Author List: Clayton Barnett

Illustrated Children's SF

Rising SF and Chidren's Writer

I've been meaning to post about Clayton Barnett, who is a shy lurker on AoSHQ. In his introduction, he says:
I've written three books that, while SF, are conservative-libertarian with a dollop of orthodox Catholicism on top!

From his bio, we learn that Clayton is a NaNoWriMo writer:
...when unexpectedly confronted by National Novel Writing Month of November 2014... a throw-away line from Prof. Glenn Reynolds of UTenn-Knoxville linked with an image of Hatsune Miku in Clayton's mind, and he was off. Twenty six days later, he'd his first novel, "The Fourth Law."

An SF writer inspired by Instapundit - that is cool. Anyway, he has three books on Amazon, all set in Machine Civilization, a future where America has broken up. Two are straight SF adventures, while the newest one is a picture book. The Kindle versions are all just 99 cents each!

SF Post-Apoc Machine Civ 1
SF Post-Apoc Machine Civ 2

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