Thursday, December 29, 2016

Top 10 Fiction Reads of 2016

Grrl power done right

My Ten Best Books of 2016

I didn't read as much this year as I have in years past. Ironically, it turns out that blogging about books takes time from reading books.

Here are some of the books that stand out for me this year, in alphabetical order:

Amy Lynn by Jack July - This action hero really captured my heart. One of the few believable grrrl power characters I've read, she has a really affecting backstory.

Belgravia by Julian Fellowes - I'm a Downton Abbey fan. This was frothy but a nice escape.

Chasing Freedom by Marina Fontaine - I really liked that this dystopian novel wasn't depressing at all. It was exciting and action-packed.

Domino by Kia Heavey - Watership Down meets Animal Farm, with cats and rats. (Trivia: Amy Lynn's author Jack July also names this as his best read this year. Small world, huh?)


The Hidden Truth by Hans G. Schantz - I was surprised at how readable this alt-history hard physics "techno-thriller" SF book was.

Kingfisher - any McKillip book goes on my best of list, I'm a huge fan. This is a Round Table retelling.

Light in the Darkness: A Noblebright Fantasy Boxed Set - this is a cheat because it's 12 books in one but I really enjoyed reading the upbeat YA fantasy theme - one of my best buys this year.

Best Buy

Old Habits by Christopher Taylor - older thief gets roped into a quest fantasy; I like the depth that went into this very familiar fantasy trope.

Tampa Star by TS O'Neil - reminds me of W.E.B. Griffin style books. Action, testosterone, lots of fun.

Pretty Little Creatures by Vince Milam - the priest character is such fun in this urban fantasy-horror.

Thief's Quest
Supernatural Thriller

What were your best reads of 2016? What do you look forward to reading in 2017?

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