Monday, January 9, 2017

FREE! Common Ground anthology by Mackey Chandler

Common Ground and Other Stories

Paperback: 131 pages
Publication Date:
ISBN-13: 999-1234567890
Kindle: 538 KB
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Seven SF Shorts

This collection of short stories by Mackey Chandler is FREE TODAY ONLY!

Here's the blurb:

A collection of seven Science Fiction short stories by Mackey Chandler. The lead story, Common Ground is big enough to be a novella. It was published in Jim Baen's Universe e-zine. Sadly that has gone out of business. They had a goal of paying professional rates which made it more difficult. I'm somewhat spoiled because this was the first short story I ever attempted and it sold.

I won't ruin your read with detailed spoilers - sufficient to say the seven shorts contain an alien with a very human foible, a joker Joyboy banished to selling shoes on the moon, a crotchety old man holding aliens at bay with a leaf blower, the ultimate Windoze -FAIL-, a self made billionaire who never lost his touch, a sword wielding Earth diplomat who was either very very good or incredibly lucky, and a future Mama's boy dealing with family in an era of extended life times.


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