Friday, January 6, 2017

What to Read in 2017

January Buddy Read

Book Horde's To-Read Pile

It looks like snow is headed my way but that's perfectly fine with me because I have a LOT of books on my to-read pile! Top of the pile is Hallow Mass by JP Mac, the Horde Goodreads group's "buddy read" of the month. I was supposed to read it over the holidays but I got side-tracked by puppy research (more on that later).

February Buddy Read
Next month we are reading A Flowershop in Baghdad by Michael Banzet.

(A "buddy read" is like a group read, but more voluntary.)

Also on the pile, in no particular order and probably an incomplete list:

CLFA Anthology
AI Armor
after Perigee

Bee Yourself
First in YA series
Clean Romantic Suspense

Mike Blackfox is back
Ghostly Hollywood Noir

In case you can't see the covers, here's the list:


Freedom's Light (CLFA short stories)

Science Fiction:

Star Realms: Rescue Run by Jon Del Arroz
Stung by Chad Olson
Farside by Patrick Chiles
Scout's Honor by Henry Vogel


Finding Claire by Pamela Humphrey
Mexican Hat Trick by TS O'Neil
'Til Death by Jason Anspach

What's on your to-read pile?

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