Friday, February 10, 2017

Banned Author: Jon Del Arroz

The Dangers of Coming Out of The Conservative Closet

I actually have this on my to-read pile, but Events have prompted me to do a post on this. Jon Del Arroz is a longtime member of the  California Bay Area Science Fiction fandom community, has a long-running webcomic, and last fall he published his first novel, Rescue Run, which immediately got positive reviews all around.

Everything was going well, until Jon let slip his deep dark secret. Jon, a hispanic nice guy who socializes with the ultra left-wing SF fandom community, actually harbored conservative opinions. Worse, he voted for Trump. And not long after the stunning victory of November 8th, Jon made some happy posts. He even wore a MAGA hat.

Retaliation was swift. He got a nasty letter from his editor's assistant about how inflexible and intolerant he was and how unlikely it was that he would ever get published again. But instead of issuing a groveling apology, deplorable Jon had the gall to double down and post about how proud he was of our country and of Donald Trump.

You can guess what happened next. He was suddenly the enemy. Lifelong friends blocked him on social media and in real life. Writers he had supported, beta-read for and reviewed, ignored his book, not even sparing a link or a tweet. BayCon, the convention where he had been a panelist on for years, revoked his invitation. When he asked the organizers, who were his personal friends, "why?", all he got in response was a from letter.

The shunning and social media attacks continue. He's even been disowned by some family members. You can read about this sad tale in Jon's own words on his blog and via Vox Day. Wait, did I call it a sad tale? It's actually not that sad at all - Jon has found a bunch of new, irredeemably deplorable friends who have helped skyrocket his novel. And now that he knows how useless SJWs are as friends, he's pulling his unpublished novels from leftwing publishers' drawers and going indy.

Jon's first novel, Rescue Run, is available on Amazon.

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