Sunday, February 26, 2017

New Release: Leviathan's Rise by B. Brumley

A Whale of a Tale

Leviathan's Rise by Bokerah Brumley is book 2 of The Keepers of New York series and has just been made available today. The author tells me that this is a paranormal romance that is a clean read with no graphic language or explicit sex.

Here's the blurb:
Lev is a whale shifter with a memory problem.

For the last one hundred sixty years, he has been unable to piece together what happened to his wife and son. Memory repression shouldn’t happen to whale shifters, but the case just won’t crack. When a mysterious woman knocks on his door and unloads a bombshell, Lev discovers that his son may still be alive… and it’s up to Lev to save him.

Woe’s ongoing obsession with hunting her husband’s murderer has left her mentally and emotionally exhausted. But when Lev asks for her help, Woe can’t tell him no, and she agrees to take a temporary reprieve from her vendetta.

Together, they catch the first paranormal train out of the Big Apple and find themselves inside a hidden realm fraught with dangers beyond anything either of them has faced.

With lives hanging in the balance, Woe must learn how to let go of her painful past, even as Lev swears to drain the seven seas to recapture his.

New Leviathan's Rise: Keepers of New York (Book Two) is available on Amazon

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