Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Spring Training for Writers - #WritesOfMarch

Break through Writer's Block in March

Spring Training for Writers

This is a new fun thing I am trying out for readers, wannabe writers, writers in a rut or blocked. Anyone who can hold a pen, pencil, peck away at a keyboard, or talk into a voice recognition app.

I am starting a #WritesOfMarch hashtag on Twitter and Gab and other places that use hashtags. This is part of my #DeleteNano initiative.

Here's the idea: Make a writing goal for the month of March. It can be an end goal, like write x number of words or pages. Or it can be a process goal - write for x minutes a day. Anything writing related.

Declare your goal. Post about it on your preferred social media platform using the #WritesOfMarch hashtag. Not into social media? Post about it right here on this blog in comments on the daily Writes Of March update post I'll be putting up. (You can post as anonymous if Blogger gives you grief about showing your comment, which it does sometimes).

Think of this as getting ready for our real writing fun, which will be #OctoBlitz in October. We will write a book in a month in the Fall, ok? But right now it is Spring training for the writing muscles.

My personal goal is to free-write every day this March.

I don't consider myself a writer, I'm a reader and now a blogger. With a few exceptions, I've been pretty good about blogging daily since this blog went up in November 2015 (yes, we are in year two!). I'm happy with that but I'd like to do more. I'm going to use March to try to get my creative side started. At the end of March I'd like to have a bunch of stuff written that will get me to a starting point for a story to blitz in October.

Right now, my goal is just free-write daily. No rules, no wrong, just write.

What's yours?

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