Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Which Oscar Movie Would You Rewatch? (Guest Post)

My blog friend Leslie watched all the Best Picture Nominees before the Academy Awards, so I asked her how she ranked them. Here's her answer.

Oscar Nominated Movies to Rewatch

I’m not certain my rankings would mean much because they are based on those I’d see again and for different reasons.

The movies I’d see again are:

Fences – the writing and acting were brilliant, and the movie reflected on a hard time that, though painful for AA in our nation, still offered some hope for the future (I thought).

La La Land – It was fun and entertaining and I love musicals, including this one, despite the actors’ limited musical talents. The cinematography and sets, and “flow” were altogether what I enjoy when I want to be entertained.

Most Rewatchable
Hell or High WaterI liked everything about it – writing, actors, performances, the flow of the movie (I guess that would be directing and editing) cinematography, etc.

The rest of the movies are not anything I’d see again – with the possible exception of "Lion" and maybe "Hidden Figures". The acting in those two were fine, and I think I may have missed a thing or two in each of them.

Lion was a heart tugger. And I’m not all that fond of Dev Patel.

Hidden Figures was like a made-for-tv special that was interesting and again, offered a reflection of a time that affected women in general – not just women of color. I liked the chemistry of the actors in this movie.

Arrival was interesting and challenging to “figure out”. And I’m not really a sci-fi fan. I didn’t dislike it, but it isn’t my genre of choice.

I wouldn’t see these movies again:

Hacksaw Ridge even though I liked the movie. I found it to be engaging and very well done, but I don’t like war movies in general and this movie did not hold back on the bloodshed.

Really good but emotionally draining
Manchester By The Sea was one of the most emotionally draining movies. The emotional tension was so strong, I could barely breathe throughout it. It was a really, really good movie. The story, direction, performances, everything about was great. But I left there feeling so sad that it was almost like being at work for me and I retired for several reasons. Emotional toll being one of those reasons. Perhaps if I hadn’t done the work that I did for the last nearly 30 years, I might not have been as affected by it.

Moonlight was similar in feeling to “Manchester” – at least for me. But, I didn’t think the writing or the directing were as good. The performances were great, though. The movie didn’t “flow” for me; it felt choppy and there were gaps that were unnecessary AFAIAC. I think Mahershala Ali gave a wonderful performance as did Naomi Harris. They both “deserved” Oscars. So did other actors who didn’t win them. (I know, Naomi Harris didn’t win but neither did any other female supporting actress. Viola Davis was guaranteed the win. She should have been nominated for female leading actor.)

Unexpected gem
In the area of Foreign movies, I really liked A Man Called Ove. It was a quiet movie about a man whose wife had died and was challenged with shaping his life without her.

Thanks to Leslie for sharing her thought, based on which I am running out to rent Hell or High Water.

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