Thursday, March 9, 2017

FREE! Woman with a Parasol by Libby Sternberg

Free Today and Tomorrow!

Conservative writer Libby Sternberg, writing as Libby Malin, is giving away her literary novel Woman with a Parasol. This is free today and tomorrow only!

From the blurb:
When Toni (Antoinette) cons her reluctant thirty-two-year-old daughter, Belle Norton, into accompanying her on a trip to France, mother and daughter spar about everything from how Belle dresses to her favorite painter, Monet. As they fight and make up over and over again, Belle comes to realize Toni has lured her on this journey to reveal an old secret that threatens to shake her world. To add to her stress, Belle deals with her own motherhood issues as she stays in touch with teen daughter Alyson, who is unhappy over Belle's plans to divorce Alyson's dad, Max. Mother and daughter, daughter and mother make their way through the gardens of their own love stories, encountering thorns that prick and beauty that enriches beyond measure.

Award-winning author Libby Malin has penned a funny, sweet story that holds at its core an age-old mystery: What is the depth of a mother's love?

Woman with a Parasol is available for FREE today and tomorrow on Amazon

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