Friday, March 24, 2017

New Release: Amy Lynn, Into the Fire (Volume 4) by Jack July

Newest Amy Lynn!

Amy Lynn fans, rejoice! She's back, at least in paperback, in her fourth book - Amy Lynn, Into the Fire.

Here's the blurb:
Amy Lynn Braxton has just returned home from a mission, covered with burns, unable to control her inner monster, and with no memory of what happened. For the sake of her unborn daughter, she must uncover—and own—the truth. The last thing Amy remembers is working with a Romanian Intelligence operative to locate a young American couple who, in their quest to adopt a child, ran afoul of the Romanian mafia and disappeared. Under the care of brilliant, specialized CIA psychiatrist Dr. John Earle, Amy fights to regain her memory, come to terms with her unique psychosis, and learn to deal with the brutal truth about her alter ego, Fenian. At stake is Amy’s very ability to live her life and love her family. Meanwhile, in Amy’s hometown of Black Oak, Alabama, a corrupt congressman and a labor union set their sights on Amy’s brother Joseph’s trucking company. One grave mistake leaves a beloved member of the Braxton clan at death’s door—and awakens a long dormant killer, Hatchet Jack Brown, who will stop at nothing to wreak vengeance on the guilty. With Into the Fire, author Jack July once again delivers action, suspense, and a look at life in a part of America that is too often ignored.

This is only available in paperback at the moment. The Kindle version should be out in around a week.

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