Tuesday, May 2, 2017

New Release: Darkship Revenge by Sarah A. Hoyt

The Darkship Series Returns!

Sarah Hoyt's popular and unapologetically freedom-loving Darkship series is back with a vengeance! Darkship Revenge, book five in the Darkship series, has just landed.

Here's the blurb:
After winning the civil war in Eden, Athena returns to her calling, collecting powerpods with her husband Kit. Now weeks away from Earth, she goes into labor. To make matters worse, a strange ship attacks Athena and Kit’s Cathouse and kidnaps Athena’s husband. That ship is called Je Reviens. It’s a named steeped in history—and not the good kind of history.

Hot on Kit’s trail, Athena discovers that you shouldn’t name a ship Je Reviens unless you intend it to return. The genetically modified Mules are back, and they have a plan to prevent themselves from being exiled ever again. And if the Mules win, the best thing humanity can hope for is slavery.

The worst is death.

While a bio-engineered plague wreaks havoc on the forces of liberty, Athena must risk herself, her husband, and her child for the survival of humanity.

The Mules may be about to find out what revenge truly is: one angry mother.

If you'd like to start at the beginning, always a very good place to start, the first book in this great space opera series is Darkship Thieves.

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