Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Windswept House and Macron and the EU

When New Events Echo Old Conspiracy Theories

Warning: Religious and Supernatural Musing Ahead

I just read Windswept House by Malachi Martin. Originally published in 1996, it is only available new as a rather expensive paperback, but chances are your library or used books seller has it. It's a novel that is ostensibly fiction but reads like a thinly veiled expose of Satanism in the Vatican and among the power-brokers of the globalists running Europe.

The book is famous for starting out by depicting secret Satanists in the Vatican performing a Black Mass to "enthrone Lucifer" and thereby corrupt and takeover the Church from the inside. And through that take control of the reins of global power and ensure Lucifers earthly ascendance.

The book is very dense, and incredibly rich in details on the inner workings of the Vatican. If you check around the internet, there are lists of who the main characters correspond to, except for the fictional protagonist and his family, who are there to provide personal stakes to the plot. It's basically a roman à clef.

From the blurb:
As the Cold War ends and the Soviet government collapses, a secret international association of political, religious, and financial leaders at last sees a clear path to a new world order--the establishment of a single global government and economy. Their modus operandi: taking control of the Roman Catholic Church by forcing the Pope's resignation and seizing power through a network of co-opted cardinals. Their perfect pawns: a pair of American brothers, one a lawyer and one a priest, scions of an old Texas family based at Windswept House, who will be placed as unknowing operatives within the Vatican. What the conspirators cannot know is that, while one brother will play along willingly, the other will become one of the Pope's closest allies--and that within their own ranks lies another, more secret group, with aims even more ambitious and deadly than their own.

I'm guessing that if I had read this back even just 5 or 10 years ago I would have rolled my eyes at how far-fetched the whole thing was. But real world events make me wonder. In the book, the cabal plots to force the "Slav Pope" to resign so they can replace him with a more malleable Pope. Seventeen years after the book is published, Pope Benedict unexpectedly and mysteriously abdicates, an act unheard of since the 15th century.

It also mentions the abortion industry selling fetal remains - too gruesome to contemplate until we found out in 2015 that they do exactly that. Talk about history bearing you out. So this makes me pay attention to the other things Martin describes, including the overlap of pedophile abusers and Satanists in the Church. The puzzling downward trajectory of the Church since Vatican II. And quite intriguingly, the intersection of powerful globalists in Europe with the malevolent cabal at the heart of it.

It's rather an interesting coincidence that I happened to read this just as the French election wrapped up. Macron would fit perfectly into Martin's book - a charming cypher with a curious sexual past suddenly, inexplicably, basically promoted into being the head of a European nation in order to keep the globalist agenda going.

You know, once upon a time I didn't really think the Devil existed. Evil, I thought, was simply the absence of good. But that was back in my teen know-it-all days. As I experienced life, and as I observed world events, it eventually came down to Occam's Razor: the simplest explanation for the evil that abounds is that there is indeed an Adversary.

As a corollary to that, while I was reading Windswept House, it occurred to me that it explains one of the things that puzzle rational observers about Europe - how can they be so suicidal as to follow globalism to such an extent that they invite in the very force that will conquer and enslave them (i.e. militant Islam). But if you think of the globalists serving, wittingly or unwittingly, Lucifer's agenda, then it makes sense that in pursuing their own temporal power they open themselves up to destruction by even greater evil. It's the kind of double-cross of his own followers that "the Prince" would find amusing as he goes about his goal of destroying good.

Malachi Martin wrote a bunch of books about the Church. I think I am going to try reading Hostage to the Devil next.

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